Did you know that neck contouring can dramatically enhance the results of other cosmetic surgeries?

Neck contouring involves using one or more rejuvenating procedures, including neck liposuction, a neck lift, or non-surgical neck tightening to redefine the lower face.

Patients young and mature alike can achieve a slimmer, contoured neckline and combat the loss of elasticity, excess skin, or fat underneath the chin associated with aging or due to hereditary factors.

Dr. Sofer finds that neck contouring is an effective complementary procedure that works particularly well with buccal fat removal and chin implants.

What these procedures have in common is the ability to address concerns of the lower face harmoniously.

We often find that patients who express concerns about a particular area of the lower face may be overly focused on one feature and are unable to see that an improvement in balance is needed to achieve their desired result.

By combining neck contouring with additional lower facial procedures, Dr. Sofer can greatly improve this balance and provide an overall revitalized appearance to the face.


Dr. Sofer views the neck as a holistic feature of beauty that requires harmonious balance.

With highly-skilled techniques at his disposal for effective neck contouring, including neck liposuction, a neck lift, and non-surgical neck-tightening, Dr. Sofer is an expert at rejuvenating the neck area.

So much so that neck contouring is one of Dr. Sofer’s most popular procedures.


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