Facial contouring is the most popular procedure in the cosmetic world — with patients striving to achieve chiseled, defined facial features!

The cheeks, chin, jawline, and neck are key areas of treatment.

We often see patients complaining of their double chin or chubby cheeks, especially in photographs.

Fat in the face and neck is often the first place we gain weight, and the last place we lose weight.  So it’s often resistant to weight loss and exercise.

In some cases, this is hereditary – no matter how slim they are. A small chin often makes this look even worse.

Dr. Sofer offers multiple treatment options to contour the neck and jawline.

The most common procedure is neck liposuction, which is a painless procedure done in the office while the patient is fully awake.

A weekend neck lift offers additional muscle tightening if necessary.  By contouring the neck area, Dr. Sofer can define the chin and jawline by removing unwanted fat and excess skin that can cover the facial structures.

The result? A more sculpted, angular jawline and profile that enhances the patient’s natural beauty.


Dr. Sofer views the neck as a holistic feature of beauty that requires harmonious balance.

With highly-skilled techniques at his disposal for effective neck contouring, including neck liposuction, a neck lift, and non-surgical neck-tightening, Dr. Sofer is an expert at rejuvenating the neck area.

So much so that neck contouring is one of Dr. Sofer’s most popular procedures.


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