When it comes to concerns around aging, people usually pay the most attention to their eyes, forehead, and facial complexion.

But the neck can be one of the most telltale signs of getting older.

Beauty experts widely believe the neck to be the giveaway feature.

Loss of elasticity, excess skin, jowls, and the accumulation of fat underneath the chin and around the jawline are marks of an aging neck area.

The neck doesn’t lie.  So, why is it overlooked?

The beauty industry perpetuates priority of the face. However, fat and laxity in the neck area can lead to the earlier effects of gravity and a greater loss of collagen in comparison.

Addressing concerns of the neck area can be one of the most transformative procedures.

Restoring youthful contours to mature patients, and providing excellent definition to those with early signs of skin laxity in the neck area.


Dr. Sofer views the neck as a holistic feature of beauty that requires harmonious balance.

With highly-skilled techniques at his disposal for effective neck contouring, including neck liposuction, a neck lift, and non-surgical neck-tightening, Dr. Sofer is an expert at rejuvenating the neck area.

So much so that neck contouring is one of Dr. Sofer’s most highly regarded procedures.


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